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Stories about SIS

An Employee's Story
Kathy has seen a lot. She's been in the work force for almost 30 years. She's been employed by eight different companies. Kathy explains about SIS, "Out of all the places I've worked, I've never seen a company treat its employees so well, well beyond the call of duty for people who own a company."

In '99, Kathy started working at SIS. Her sister, Kelly, was an employee of SIS and was too sick with cancer to continue working. Six months after Kathy started at SIS, Joe and Shari gave Kathy time off to be with her sister. Kathy got to spend the last two weeks of Kelly's life with her. Invaluable. "That part where they let me take two weeks will always mean so much to me forever." Kathy continues, "To me, that's family. They understand what family is." Kathy greatly appreciates how kind and generous SIS was to her and her dear sister, Kelly.

Now it's been five years since Kathy took her job with SIS. "I love my job," she touts. Because of SIS's stability, Kathy was able to buy her first house at age 40.

She attributes SIS's success to the staff bending over backwards for customers and to the way Joe and Shari treat folks. "They're not afraid to give."



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Stories about SIS

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