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Special Constructions

Most of our covers are constructed with the fabric all around the cover. We do make several other constructions. It is noted on the fabric swatch tag if the cover is a special construction.

Add piping to any Sis cover. The piping runs around the box edge on both sides of the cover. The zipper closure is hidden along two of the edge-seams on the back. Choose your piping from any Sis fabric. There is an additional charge for a piped cover.
  Box Style
Box style construction is the same as a piped cover without the piping.
  Front Only
The pattern is on the top surface only with a contrasting loft and back. Due to fabric width restrictions, this construction is available in all sizes except queen size, which is inlayed in the contrasting fabric like a picture frame.
  End Capped
The pattern is 52" wide and centered on the front of the cover. There is a contrasting fabric on each side of the front, loft and back. Available in full and queen only. Matching chair, ottoman and loveseat covers are made as Front Only.

If the standard direction of a pattern needs to be changed, the cover should be railroaded. The fabric is turned, seamed and matched as well as we can, but due to weaving variations it cannot always be matched precisely. There is an additional charge for a railroaded cover.


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